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these are frequently asked questions. if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask by e-mail.

Q:is it ok if i can not speak Chinese?
A:it is totally ok. winson can speak english.

Q:can i join the surf tour by 1 people?
A:the minimum people we need for surf tour is 2 people. you can join if you pay the fee for 2 people. if there are others guests going surf tour, you can join. please ask us again when you arrive here.

Q:can we stay there if we are more than 7 people?
A:yes, you can stay. we suggest the room depends on the booking situation.

Q:does the price of surf tour include rental wetsuits and surf boards?
A:no, it does not.

Q:can i make a reservation in english?
A:yes, you can.

Q:what if i cancel my reservation or there is any change?
A:please tell us as early as possible at least 3 days before.

Q:should i join overseas travel insurance if i want to surf?
A:yes, you should. we can not take any responsibility if you are injured or get an accedent during your travel.

Q:which currency should i bring?
A:it is NT$.

Q:how many surf boards should i bring?
A:you better bring 2 or 3 boards in case you clash your board.

Q:what is the weather like?
A:it is tropical climate and about 30 degrees in summer and 15 degrees in winter.

Q:do i need a wetsuits?
A:the water temperature is always warm, but you better bring wetsuits in the winter because the wind is cold sometimes.

Q:how much is the volts for electric devices?
A:taiwanese electricity is 110V(60Hz) and plug type is A. please check your electric devices and prepare transformer if you need.

Q:is there any stuff you recommend to bring?
A:we recommend you to bring sunscreen and some medicine which you are used to.

Q:what if i am injured or get an accident during surf tour?
A:we will do our best if you have any trouble in the water, but we can not take any responsibility. please prepare the overseas travel insurance by your self.

Q:how can i make the payment?
A:please make the payment when you come here by cash NT$.

Q:can i make the payment by credit card?
A:no, we can not accept a credit card. please make the payment by cash.

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