• outsideview of hotel
  • surfer at Jialesue
  • bar at the hotel
  • terrace

<about winson house>

winson house is a seaside hotel at south Taiwan. it takes about 2 hours from Kaoshung airport by bus. we are located in front of Jialesue where is most famous and constant wave surfing spot in Taiwan. here you can enjoy surfing by 1 minute walking.

the hotel has very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. our guests and staff often chat and become a friend each other very fast. sometimes we drink and chat till mid night after the dinner. the owner of the hotel, Winson, is a friendly guy. he is the one of the surfers who surf in this area very long time and is trusted by local people, so you can make a wonderful and safe travel experience here.

there is a dormitory and private room that can hold from 2 to 4 people with oceanview. you can choose one of those room depends on your travel plan. also, we have a pick up service to the city and free rental bicycle, so you won't have any problem about transportation. please enjoy your time and relax by seaside tropical weather.