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<about surfing>

winson house is located in front of Jialesue surfing spot, and you can enjoy surfing without transportation. however, there are many other good surf spots in south taiwan, and if you share a good wave at those spots with your friends, we are sure that your trip will be one of the best memories in your life. we make a surf tour plan depends on the wave and weather situation, so please feel free to ask us.

also, we do surf lesson and rent surf equipments, so even if you do not know how to surf, you can enjoy surfing here.

price 1ppl 2ppl~
surf tour NT$3000/ppl NT$1500/ppl
surf lesson NT$2000/ppl NT$1500/ppl
price half day all day
board rent NT$500 NT$800
wetsuits rent NT$100 NT$200