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  • bath room

<about room>

we have both private room for 2-4 people with oceanview and dormitory, shared room with other guests. it is possible to add an extra bed to private room by NT$600. please check the price and detail from the list below

there is A/C and free wi-fi in every room. check in time is at 11:00 and check out time is at 15:00. the price includes breakfast with one drink except room 101 and 102.

room no. long
normal day
room type details
101 NT$800 NT$700 NT$700 dormitory 101 pics
102 NT$3000 NT$2700 NT$2400 3ppl room 102 pics
201 NT$3600 NT$3200 NT$2800 2ppl room 201 pics
202 NT$3200 NT$2800 NT$2500 2ppl room 202 pics
203 NT$4200 NT$3600 NT$3200 2ppl room 203 pics
204 NT$4800 NT$4800 NT$4200 4ppl room 204 pics
301 NT$4200 NT$3880 NT$3600 2ppl room 301 pics
302 NT$4200 NT$3880 NT$3600 2ppl room 302 pics
303 NT$4200 NT$3800 NT$3600 2ppl room 303 pics